Studio Behavior Guidelines

*these are our general policies, please refer to our annual handbook for more details*

We strive to provide an encouraging and safe learning environment for our students. The following behaviors will not be permitted from any visitor or student.

  • Disrespectful or disruptive behavior on the premises: including (but not limited to) running, horseplay, vandalism, fighting verbally or physically, gum chewing, loud or disruptive conversations, and smoking.
  • Negative conversation about oneself, an instructor, or another student. We don't put down ourselves or each other.
  • Bullying of any kind: any intentional action that makes another individual feel belittled, left out, or unsafe.
  • Any comparison of abilities: no two students are the same, and those differences are to be appreciated, not critiqued.
  • No whispering/talking in class. Whispering/talking is distracting to the student, the other students around you, and to the instructor. If it is too important to wait it can be shared with the whole class.
  • Leaving garbage on the floors or furniture: we are fortunate to have a large seating area in the lobby as well as multiple dressing rooms. We need your help to keep these areas clean; there are multiple garbage cans available for trash disposal.
  • A loud lobby: a high level of noise in the lobby makes it difficult for the students to concentrate and hear the instructor.

Every student is to enter class with a desire to learn and to grow. Any behavior that is contrary to that will not be accepted. If you have a concern with a student, instructor, or parent it should be brought to Miss Lisa first to be addressed.

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