General Studio Policies

*these are our general policies, please refer to our annual handbook for more details*

Class Placement

A student’s placement in specific classes is for their safety. We know that each student progresses at their own pace and as such, class placements are made with the ability of the individual in mind. As professionals, we know what is best for each student and we ask that parents/guardians respect our judgment.

Pick Up & Drop Off

The studio opens 15 mins prior to the first class of the day, and closes at the end of the last class each day.

  • Students are not to arrive earlier than 15 mins prior to their class time.
  • Students are to be picked up immediately after their class is finished, unless other arrangements with the instructor have been made.
    • If pick up is more than 10 minutes after the last class of the day, your account will be charged $1.00 per minute to pay for the instructor or Director to stay and supervise your child. This charge will be added to your bill.

Our dance year is a full year curriculum that builds on itself and prepares the dancer for the next level. We strongly encourage families to complete the year before pulling a dancer out of a program. Choreography formations depend on the number of dancers consistently present in class. If a dancer doesn’t finish the year, the entire class feels a loss and time will be wasted re-working sections of the dance, rather than working to perfect details. It is also very good for students to learn to finish commitments well, before moving on.

Make-Up Policy

Students are able to make up for missed class(es) provided the make-up class is within their skill level. However, when we are within 30 days of a studio production, there will be no make-ups allowed. Please note that we do not refund tuition due to missed classes.

Holidays and Closures

The only holidays and closures the Dance Center observes are:

  • Thanksgiving (closed)
  • Winter break (closed)
  • Spring break (closed)
  • Memorial Day (closed)
  • 4th of July (closed)
  • End of July through beginning of Sept (closed)
  • Labor Day week (closed)

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